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June 6, 2013

Dan Bylsma


Q.  About the sequence of the game‑winning goal, did you believe Malkin was hooked, and if so were you surprised that play was allowed to continue?
COACH BYLSMA:  Just evaluating‑‑ just looking at the play, there's no question he's at the battle along the boards right in front of our bench with Jagr there's a hook, but I'm not sure at that point in the game I thought for one second with how the game was being called that I expected a call at all on the play.

Q.  What do you think is at stake for your future tomorrow?
COACH BYLSMA:  Well, there's no question what's at stake for our future is a chance to play Game 5.  We know we're in a 0‑3 hole, we know the situation, we know the history and the odds, but tomorrow is an elimination game for our team.  We have one game, we have 60 minutes, win one game and move on to the next day.

Q.  Has Tuukka Rask's play frustrated your team and do you think last night 53 saves established him as one of the elite goalies in the league?
COACH BYLSMA:  His performance in the series has been outstanding.  He's come up big for them.  We clearly haven't been able to crack him.  We've had good opportunities.  Go back to Game 1 and the opportunities that we did have, and again last night he was 50‑plus save performance.  He was outstanding in the game, and we haven't been able to solve him at all, and I think largely last night stands as the difference in that game, and certainly the performance he's putting up has been that.

Q.  You mentioned the history.  Can you relate this to any experience in your past, the possible comeback or maybe drawing on inspiration from things that have happened, the Miracle on Ice or anything like that?
COACH BYLSMA:  Well, looking at the situation with down 3‑0 you can look at the odds, the history, and it's not a very encouraging picture.  There are other circumstances to look at to know just exactly where we're at.  In the Olympics to win a gold medal for Canada, they've got to win four games, four elimination games, Germany, Russia, Slovakia and U.S. to win a gold medal.  Those are games that you have to win to go on, and that's what we're at right now.  We don't have to win four games against the Boston Bruins, we have to win one game tomorrow night to move on to Game 5 to get this thing back to the Burgh, and that's what we have to look at, not the numbers, not the odds, the four wins.  We have to look at winning one hockey game, 60 minutes tomorrow night.

Q.  Is your top line generating enough offense and enough chances to get to a place where you feel confident, and what are the Bruins doing against them defensively that's made it so tough?
COACH BYLSMA:  Well, you've asked about if they've produced enough.  We've got‑‑ we don't have enough goals in any of the games to win them yet, so we haven't produced enough offense as a team.  We haven't gotten that extra goal to win last night's game, which was there.  In terms of scoring chances, in terms of generating, the number of opportunities, the number of shots, the number of good scoring chances at the net we've had, we've had a number of those, not just in last night's game, too, to win hockey games, to get goals, and we've gotten them from all our lines, from our top two lines have had those opportunities, our power play has had those looks, but we haven't scored those goals.  We haven't gone post and in.
In terms of the Bruins, they're a very strong defensive team.  They do it with team defense, they do it with good skill players defensively.  They've been that from Bergeron to his line to Chara and the defensive pairing, Seidenberg and Boychuk and their defensemen back there, and Tuukka Rask has also been a big part of that, as well.
You know, we did a lot of things we wanted to do.  We didn't get a goal in last night's game to get the game‑winning goal.  We didn't get that second goal.  You know, that's a picture we need to solve, and that's what we're going to do for Game 4.

Q.  (Inaudible).  Also, looking at Letang, he's had a lot of (inaudible) do you think it's affected his play at all?
COACH BYLSMA:  There's a lot of minutes in that game last night, so when you're talking about that many minutes, there's going to be defensemen that play a lot.  You saw that on both sides of the ledger with their defensemen playing an awful lot of minutes, too.  Deryk Engelland played the most minutes he's played in a game last night, over 26 minutes.  You're going to find that in longer games, in these situations, and that's something I think both teams are going to have to deal with in terms of Game 4, guys having played a lot of minutes in the last couple hockey games.
Kris Letang, in the course of a regular season game, played with a lot of different, not just one steady guy the whole time.  You know, Kris plays the most minutes on our team, so you'll see times with different partners.  So I don't think that's an issue with continuity for Kris and where his game is at.

Q.  Do you have an update on Brooks?  He looked pretty shaken up last night.
COACH BYLSMA:  I don't.  It doesn't have ramifications of the hit last night, no.

Q.  The power play has been working so well for you, and just talk about the chances you guys are getting.  It seems to be working in every facet but putting it in.  Are changes needed?  Does it mean there's a problem because pucks aren't going in?
COACH BYLSMA:  Evaluation of the power play is always going to end with whether the puck goes in the net, and it has not this series.  We're to this point in time oh for, and I think Bruins have done a real good job of killing their pressure unit.  They always have.  They bring a good unit all season long and they've been doing that, so our looks at the power play are shorter in duration than maybe they have been in the other series.
We have gotten opportunities.  We're looking at nine scoring chances last night on our power play, good scoring chances with the players we want to have the puck on their stick going in.  The thing about the changes or thinking about changes or making adjustments, we made adjustments in game last night on our power play.  In the course of this series maybe more than the other ones, we've had to have different looks on our power play because of guys being tired on the ice or in the penalty box.  We've had a lot of different looks on our power play, more than we've actually like to have, and have had more adjustments than we'd like to have to make due to the fact that guys are in the box or tired and not able to go out with their unit.  Maybe the adjustment would be like getting back to more our set units, our five‑man units that we have had success with, and whether it be the case of being in the box in game 2 or last night guys being tired and not being able to go out at the time.
You try to judge your success in the power play in scoring chances, opportunities, looks at the net, where they're coming from, who they're coming from versus goals because you don't always get the goal.  They've made difference for us in games right now.  A power play goal would have been the difference in the game last night, and we haven't gotten that.

Q.  You made some lineup changes.  Are you generally happy with the way things went other than the goal scoring thing, and is Tyler Kennedy even available at that point?
COACH BYLSMA:  Tyler Kennedy is available, and I did like‑‑ I liked a lot of the adjustments we made in the game.  I thought the line of Bennett, Sutter and Jarome was a good line for us, and I thought that was Jarome's strongest game for us.  The first three I thought our team was its strongest game.  But given the fact that the number of minutes we played and the type of game we just played, having some guys come into our lineup and add, is certainly a consideration for Game 4.

Q.  I wasn't clear, I apologize.  What do you think is at stake for your future as head coach tomorrow and the rest of this series?
COACH BYLSMA:  I'm not coaching‑‑ I don't coach, have never coached for my job.  I coach this hockey team in '09.  I came here to win hockey games, and that's where we're at right now.  We know what's in front of us.  We know exactly what's in front of us with the odds being down 0‑3, but I believe in that group, I believe in that team, I believe in how we battled and how we're going to battle, and we're going to go in knowing we have an elimination game and win Game 4.

Q.  Do you need your big‑name guys to score, carry the team at this point?
COACH BYLSMA:  You know, again, we've got one game in front of us, one game to win, and we don't need Pascal Dupuis to score a goal to win the game.  We need one person to score, one individual to score a goal for us last night.  We had plenty of opportunities all throughout to get that, from our top guy to Craig Adams hitting the post there in overtime, with that opportunity.  We need to win a hockey game and our team needs to win a hockey game, and it's right in front of us for Game 4.

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